Create a website the easy way

As I’ve explained here, there are many ways to enter into the internet marketing area, and most of them (not all) require a website or a way to publish things, create landing pages, content or opt-in forms. While this page is under construction, I’ll still leave some recommended ways to create a website easily, including WP ecommerce websites, blogs, portfolios and even business websites (Check the links).

Additionally, if you want to monetize those websites there are a lot of ways to do so (my favorite is affiliate marketing), including affiliates, amazon or even Google Adsense or Chitika if you’re just starting out and have an small idea of what to do. Check the best Adsense Alternatives.

Additionally, if you really want to position your website and gain traffic, you’ll need to use some paid traffic or social media traffic from different places. Or you could always use SEO and create backlinks (check how many backlinks do I need to rank), PPC campaigns or get some traffic from email solo ads.

I’ll go over all those in a few days and create articles for each one, but meanwhile, you could have a read at those articles and start learning something. let me know if any.

Talk to you later!


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